Kalamazoo & Everett Abrasive Wheels

Kalamazoo Industries & Everett Industries manufacture a combination of wet and dry abrasive wheels to meet your specific requirements and provide you with excellent quality cuts. 

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

Kalamazoo Abrasive Wheels

7" - 30" Wheels available

7"- 10" Non Reinforced

Dry cutting reinforced wheels: 10"- 30"

Wet cutting reinforced wheels: 14" - 30" 

Kalamazoo Abrasive Wheels

Everett Abrasive Wheels

7" - 26" Wheels available 

17 grades of internal & eternal reinforced wheels

Manufactured by Everett Industries in Ohio 

Match the correct wheel to your application

Everett Blade Old Version

Contact us for more information or for a quote.

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