Graymills™ Aqueous Washers

Graymills™ aqueous washing equipment helps keep your equipment running smoothly. Aqueous washers have the ability to remove soils as well as degrease.  

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

Graymills™ Turbo-Action Series

The Turbo-Action Series allows for complete immersion cleaning required for parts that are challenging to reach. Turbo-Action units are offered in both solvent-based and heated aqueous versions. and come in mild or stainless steel. 


• Up to 262 gallon capacity

• Up to 10,000 gallon per hour flushing

• Available in several different models

• Power options ranging from 115V to 460V

Graymills™ Model LK48

The LK48 model allows for complete immersion cleaning through its loading and unloading, vertical lift platform to easily clean equipment.  


• 52 x 39" immersion size

• 81" machine height

• 290 gallon capacity

• Available in 115V 1PH to 575V 3PH

Graymills™ Model BIO822

The BIO822 is a rugged aqueous parts washer with a sink and soak tank and the ability to degrade oil, grease and a wide variety of hydrocarbons.


• 10" soak depth

• 3-way control valve

• 115V 1PH motor

• 115V 15 amp heater

Graymills™ Model PH822

The Model PH822 is a 4-legged aqueous parts washer built from thermoplastic and a 300 gallon-per-hour pump to brush or flush away oil. 


• Up to 30 gallon fluid capacity 

• 10" soak depth

• 1/4kW heater controlled heater with capabilities to heat solutions up to 120°F

• 115V 1PH

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