Kalamazoo Belt Sanders

Brennan Machinery offers a selection of belt sanders that are ideal for deburring, graining, metallurgical polishing & flattening surfaces. Belt sanders are manufactured in cold and dry models and vertical and horizontal positions. 

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

2FSM Multi-Position Belt Sander

The 2FSM is a horizontal & vertical belt sander that allows for easy part deburring and is also ideal for beveling, squaring ends, rounding corners, flat work & contouring with its powerful motor. 


• 2" x 48" belt

• 4,500 SFPM belt speed

• 5" contact wheel

• 1/2HP, 3,450 RPM motor

• 115V/230V, 3.5/7 Amps

Model 2FSM Belt Sander

S4SV Sander & Vacuum

The S4SV is designed for general material removal whether it's sanding, reounding an end or deburring and keeping the area clean. The S4SV is designed to accommodate many different styles of 4" x 46" so your desired finish can be achieved. 


• 4" x 36" belt

• 3,615 SFPM belt speed

• 110V, 8.2 amp vacuum draw

• 1 HP or 1/2HP motor, 3,450 RPM

• 110V, 7 Amps

Model S4SV Belt Sander

S6MW Wet Belt Sander

The S6MW is designed for general material removal for sanding, metallurgical sampling, end rounding or deburring while keeping your work piece cool. The S6MW is designed to accomodate all types of 6" x 48" sized belts. 


• 6" x 48" belt

• 2,800 SFPM belt speed

• 1/4HP coolant pump

• 3HP motor

• 220V 1PH, 220V/440V 3PH, 575V 50HZ

Model S6MW Belt Sander

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