Bevel Mills

Brennan Machinery offers various Heck Industries metal working tools. Heck Industries is a world leader in producing plate beveling machines that are offered in variety of models using state of the art techniques and to help service fabricators everywhere. 

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

Bevel Mills

Model 7000/8000 Hand-Held Bevel-Mill®

The 7000/8000 Bevel-Mill® is an ideal product for weld preparation by creating a uniform bevel at any desired angle from 15-45°. These machines are specially designed for a long life and extended use.


• 3/8" Maximum bevel (Model 7000) 

• 7/8" Maximum bevel (Model 8000)

• Adjustable angle from 15-45°

• 1/2" carbide inserts 

• 1/2HP, 110V motor (Model 7000)

• 1HP, 110V Motor (Model 8000)

Heck 7000/8000

Model 9000 Bevel-Mill®

The 9000 Bevel-Mill® is the world's most powerful plate beveler that features fast feed rates and comfortable cushioned handles for easier support. It is designed using the most best materials available. 


• 1-1/4" maximum bevel 

• Adjustable angle from 15-45°

• Uses 20 indexable, 5/8" square carbide inserts

1-1/2HP, 110V motor

9000 bevel mill

Model VA-400 Bevel-Mill® Bench Top

The VA-400 Bevel-Mill® Bench Top is a specialized bevel machine that uses a milling type cutter head with index-able, replaceable carbide inserts to produce a machined edge on steel, aluminum, stainless steel & plastic material.


• 3/16" maximum bevel depth

• Bevel angle of 15-45°

• V-block length of 19-1/2"

• 6 inserts

• 1hp, 110V motor

Heck Bench Top bevel Mill

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