Drilling & Tapping Machines

Brennan Machinery provides your business with a line of products through our suppliers to ensure your satisfaction. Our drilling & tapping machines range from bench top models to stationary as well as portable models for more convenience. 


Drilling & Tapping Machines


Linmac continues to develop a product line of drills that are suitable for all kinds of materials & offer a range of accessories. Their products include drill presses that are capable of drilling, milling, tapping & reaming. Linmac is committed to provide you with the best quality by producing user-friendly machines built with the most advanced technology available today. 

Model DP 925-GB


Procunier is a leading name in drilling & tapping products in North America. Their products are known for their dependability & smooth, precise cut. Designed with quality engineering, their products are all backed by a one year warranty. Their lineup includes:

  • 2, 3 & 4 Spindle Eccentric gear-driven models
  • Universal joint type multiple drill heads for round & rectangular hole patterns
  • Tapping attachments
  • Various accessories

1" Max Mild Steel Tap Capacity Head


Dake offers a range of fabrication equipment that includes their industrial strength presses. They are designed for heavy use and a long life for your business. Dake's lineup includes arbor presses, hydraulic presses, laboratory presses, tire presses & drill presses. For your convenience, they are offered in both floor & bench models and include a 1 year warranty guarantee on all products. 

Model TB-16V Bench Model Drill Press


Servo's precision sensitive drill presses are designed to work on materials such as steel, stainless steel nonferrous metals, plastics, printed circuit boards and graphite. They offer a lineup of standard and heavy duty drill presses as well as various bench models. The highly sensitive quill installed on each machine makes the process quick & efficient as well as reduce drill breakage and scrap parts. 

Model M-7000 7" Swing Bench Top Drill Press


Steelmax aims to develops and bring leading edge fabrication solutions. They offer lightweight, portable & all purpose machines that demand dependable and versatile production tools as well as various tools & accessories to improve their function and design. Their lineup includes portable magnetic & pneumatic drills built for ease of use with one of the best ergonomic designs on the market today.

Model D1 Compact Portable Magnetic Drill

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Steelmax Model D1 Low Profile Mag Drill

Dake Model SB-250V Floor Model Drill Press

Linmac Model DP-915AH

Procunier Eccentric Spindle Type Drilling Attachment

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