Dake Movable Table Presses

Dake's Movable Table Presses provide excellent operation and efficiency for your business. Features include an adjustable workhead height, a heavy duty hoist, a movable table and toggle clamps to lock the table in place securely.

Compare Movable Table Press Models

Capacity150 tons50 tons50 tons25 tons25 tons25 tons50 tons75 tons75 tons75 tons150 tons150 tons
Voltage220V/440V, 3-Phase220V/440V, 3-Phasen/a220V/440V, 3-Phase220V/440V, 3-Phasen/a220V/440V, 3-Phasen/a220V/440V, 3-Phase220V/440V, 3-Phasen/a220V/440V, 3-Phase
Width between uprights48”32-¾”32-¾”32-¾”32-¾”32-¾”32-¾”44”44”44”48”48”
Width between table channels12-1/2”7-¼"7-¼”7-¼”7-¼”7-¼”7-¼”8-¼” 8-¼"8-¼”12-¼”12-¼”
Minimum ram to table15-1/2”10-⅞”10-⅞”12-¼” 7”7”14”11-¾”11-¾”13”14-¼” 14-¼”
Maximum ram to table65-1/2”40-⅞”40-⅞”42-¼”37”37”44”41-¾”41-¾”43-3/8” 64-¼”64-¼”
Ram travel16”10”10”10”10”10”10”10”10”10”16”16”
Screw Traveln/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Horizontal workhead travel n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Footprint58” x 56”37” x 43”37” x 43"37” x 43"37” x 43”37” x 43”37” x 43”47” x 52” 47” x 52”47” x 52”58” x 56” 58” x 56”
Weight4,700 lbs2,200 lbs1,500 lbs1,275 lbs1,450 lbs1,350 lbs2,200 lbs2,450 lbs2,650 lbs2,950 lbs3,660 lbs4,700 lbs
Base58” x 56”37” x 43”37” x 43"37” x 43"37” x 43”37” x 43”37” x 43”47” x 52” 47” x 52”47” x 52” 58” x 56”58” x 56”
Ram advance speedn/a40 ipm65 ipmn/a80 ipm110 ipmn/a45 ipm28 ipmn/a25 ipm16 ipm
Pressing speed17 ipm7 ipm3 ipm15 ipm14 ipm6 ipm8 ipm2 ipm 5 ipm5 ipm1 ipm2-3/4 ipm
Air Pressuren/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a

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