Learn About: Scotchman Ironworker Optional Tooling

Scotchman offer a large selection of options to tailor to their end users needs. Below is a list of the more commonly utilized options, to help offer you a better understanding on how a Scotchman Ironworker could benefit your operation.

Please note this is not a complete list of standard tooling - Scotchman offer custom tooling for just about any application. If you have something specific in mind or would like to see a complete list, please let us know so that we can set you up with what you are looking for.

For you convenience, we have created 5 categories for optional tooling equipment below: 
  1. Measuring & Conveyor Systems
  2. Punching Station
  3. Shearing Station
  4. Tool Table
  5. Other Options

Please note that not all optional equipment is compatible with every ironworker - your quote will list and price all optional tooling that is compatible with the ironworker quoted.

1. Measuring & Conveyor Systems

Automatic Positioning System

Ideal for high volume operations where both precision and flexibility are key. The RG offers the ability to upload sequences remotely using wifi, executing and counting different pieces within the same workflow. 

Compatible with punching station, shearing station and tool table.

Multi-Loc Punch Gauging Table

An economically priced solution for punching equally distanced holes on lengths of material. There are both 36" and 85" Extensions Available.

24" x 5' Conveyor with Angle Iron Support 

Useful for longer lengths of that need to be supported as the are feed through shear. Can be coupled with a back gauge to reduce measuring and labor requirements.

48" Back Gauge

Eliminates the need to mark measure each piece of material to be sheared. Ideal for high volume operations. 

2. Punching Station

Punch Table Extension

The punch table extension adds full maneuverability by allowing user to slide material around the punch whilst simultaneously supporting the weight.

Punch Gauging Table with Fence &Scale

Aids user with maneuvering and accurately aligning material for precise punching applications.

Round Tube Punch

Custom built Tube Punch where the ball spring inside the tool uses the first hole to accurately align the second hole. Punch in the video uses a mandrel to avoid any unwanted deforming of material.

Double Tube Punch

Custom built Double Tube Punch, for accurately aligned punching. Tooling in this video also features stop adjustments and a mandrel.

Mandrel Tube Punch

Custom tooling that will significantly reduce or eradicate any unwanted deformation  of material during punching cycle.

Pipe Notcher

Custom tooling that alternatively, can be made compatible with tool table depending to keep punch station free for other applications.

6" Bending Brake

Unlike the larger bending brakes, the 6" brake uses the punch station as it power source. Keeping the tool table free for other applications.

Offset Die Holder

Useful for punching irregular and multi-dimensional material  such as the I-Beam being punched in the video.


3. Shearing Station

Shear Table with Miter Fence

Aids user with maneuvering and aligning material - for accurate mitering and squaring. 


Laser Light

This is an alternative shearing alignment system useful for miter shearing or shorter material. Works well with the Shear Table.

4. Tool Table Station

Tool Table Extension

This is very useful for users who have multiple tooling setups for their tool table. Rather than lift and swap out machinery, they can easily slide and swap one item for another. It also includes a punch and die storage drawer.

Rod Shear

Tube Shear

Channel Shear

Unistrut Shear

Along with the angle shear that comes standard, Scotchman offer a variety of specialty shears that are easily interchangeable - using the the tool table area as a power source. The video here shows a Unistrut Shear being used. 

8" Bending Brake

12" Bending Brake

24" Bending Brake

Open End Brake

Operating in similar fashion to a box and pan brake, the open end brake will allow user to bend 90 degree angles in materials such as angle iron. For the specific application seen in video, user would also require V-Notcher (see below).

90° V-Notcher

For notching V's in various materials such as plate and angle iron.  

Weld Coupon Bender  

5. Other Options

LED Light

Jog Control

* This feature comes standard with all ironworkers with the  exception of the 5014-ET and 50514-EC.


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