Learn About: Linmac WG Series Semi Automatic Band Saws

The WG Series of band saws includes the WG-310DSAV, WG-350DSAV and the WG-500SAH. Some of these models models key features include: 
  1. Inverter Controlled Variable Speed
  2. Double Mitering
  3. Hydraulic Controlled Down Feed

To learn more about these features and the saw's capacities, see below.

 Inverter Controlled Variable Speed:

This form of variable speed uses an electrical inverter to control the blades cutting speed, instead of traditional gear belt systems. This enables the user to adjust blade speed to within one RPM using the digital readout – which not only will prolong blade life but also enable the using to use the optimal the cutting speed and produce the cleanest possible cut.


Double Mitering:

All of our Linmac band saws enable the user to cut up to 60 degree angles to the right and 45 degree angles to the left. This can help to minimize or completely remove the need for the user have to flip material, in turn, increasing efficiency.

Mobile Coolant Tray:

The Mobile Coolant Tray significantly reduces mess and wastage of coolant during angled cuts.

Hydraulic Controlled Down Feed:

These are semi automatic saws through the use of hydraulic controlled down feed. The down feed knob allows the users to adjust the downward force applied to material when cutting, eliminating the need to manually pull down head. This produces a much more consistent downward pressure than manually possible, helping to maximize blade life and allowing users to perform other tasks during the cut.


Cutting Capacities:

Please use the below as a guide to match the material you will be cutting with the chart below. If you are plan on primarily making angled cuts, please use the links to the specific saw for all capacities and specifications.

WG-310DSAV 90° 45° 60° 45°(L)
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 240 mm
 235 mm
▅▅ 165 x 310 mm 
 195 mm
 185 mm
▅▅ 130 x 195 mm
 120 mm
 85 mm
▅▅ 90 x 120 mm 
 165 mm
 140 mm
▅▅ 60 x 195 mm 


WG-350DSAV 90° 45° 60° 45°(L)
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 270 mm
 270 mm
▅▅ 260 x 350 mm
 230 mm
 180 mm
▅▅ 95 x 240 mm
 135 mm
 90 mm
▅▅ 90 x 135 mm
 210 mm
 170 mm
▅▅ 70 x 245 mm


90° 45° 60° 45°(L)
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 350 mm
 330 mm
▅▅ 200 x 500 mm
 330 mm
 250 mm
▅▅ 145 x 340 mm
 210 mm
 135 mm
▅▅ 125 x 220 mm
 290 mm
 230 mm
▅▅ 60 x 345 mm 


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