Heck Industries Power-Feed Bevelers

Brennan Machinery offers various Heck Industries metal working tools. Heck Industries offers a large selection of power-feed bevelers to help service fabricators everywhere. Their powerful machines are easy to use and adaptable to your fabricating needs. 

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

PRO12-C High Production Beveler

The PRO12-C is the most universal power feed beveler by being able to cover 80% of applications for its type. It features a versatile design that enables it to be easily transported on a trolley.


• .625" maximum bevel depth

• 1.50" maximum material thickness

• .250" Minimum material thickness

• 6FPM bevel speed

• 22.5-45° bevel angle

• 3HP motor

• Total weight of 147lbs. 

Heck PRO12-C

PRO-21-G-INV Variable Bevel

The PRO-21-G-INV is the most powerful beveler produced by Heck Industries. It features the ability to be inverted to work the bottom of the material and is great for applications where multiple angles are needed as the machine adjustment is simple and fast.


• .785" maximum bevel depth

•2" maximum material thickness 

• .312 minimum material thickness

• 5FPM bevel speed 

• 20-45° bevel angle

• 5HP motor

• Total weight of 946lbs


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