Brennan Machinery provides your business with a line of products that ensures your satisfaction. Our range of products includes cold saws, circular saws, band saws & much more. We can assure you that no matter the cut that you need to make, the right product will be provided. 


Cold Saws

Scotchman Industries

Scotchman Industries works with the customer to ensure full satisfaction of their abrasive cut-off saws. They are designed to increase production, accuracy, and efficiency for your business. The CPO Manual & Semi-Automatic series features a double centering vise to increase safety, a miter locking device & various speeds as well as a standard 3 year warranty on parts.

Scotchman Model CPO-350 Cold Saw

Non-Ferrous Saws

Scotchman Industries

The Scotchman Non-Ferrous Series of cold saws provide the cleanest cuts in solid or extruded aluminum. These machines provide straight, burr-free cuts; easy mitering; and safe operation without sparks, heat, or burr. They include various features by offering large capacities in an upcut style, automatic mitering, exclusive software and an optional advanced feed system.

Scotchman Model SUP-600-NF

Automatic Cold Saws

Scotchman Industries

Scotchman Automatic Cold Saws are offered in both steel cutting ferrous saws and non-ferrous models. Scotchman's steel cutting cold saws feature rigid, high speed steel blades; double clamping; mist or flood lubrication systems; variable blade speed and adjustable feed rates that combine for high quantities of burr-free, accurate cuts.

Scotchman CPO 315 RFA Series

Band Saws


Linmac's ultimate goal is to provide a premium machine designed with leading technology while being user-friendly & efficient. These machines provide a smooth & easy to manage cut and are available in several different models including the UE-250-S, W1318-S & the UE-712SG.

Linmac Model UE-250-S


As one of the leading companies in the European market, F.M.B offers a continuously evolving machine that is perfect for the needs of every manufacturer. The development of their products is the result of in-depth studies, sophisticated computer systems and stringent practical trials & tests. Their comprehensive lineup of products of all categories includes a variety of manual, semi-automatic & automatic band saws fit with a number of accessories to improve the ease of use of every machine. 

F.M.B Phoenix Manual Band Saw


FEMI® has over a half-century experience in the Italian market and has developed a range of band saws in the metal cutting & wood cutting lines. Their products include excellent versatility, technology & performance and come with many optional accessories to enhance the quality of your work.  Many band saws feature:


  • Fully autonomous cutting cycle
  • Electronic speed adjustment system
  • Integrated wheel base for easy transport
  • Push click system
  • Automatic down feed with a hydraulic control

FEMI Model NG 120XL

Abrasive Saws

Everett Industries Inc.

Everett Industries strives to create abrasive cutoff machines that work the best for their clients & provide long lasting & premium cutting. Their products are designed to your specifications and to cut a range of materials including hard & soft metals, steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum, copper, brass & titanium.

Everett Abrasive Mitering Cut-Off

Kalamazoo Industries

Kalamazoo Industries works best with their customers by providing the most efficient products to be designed specifically for your needs. They offer a wide variety of abrasive saws for your business that cut steel, plastic, aluminum and ferrous & non-ferrous material. Their products are used in industries ranging from fabrication to aerospace and automotive. The saws are built using a strong and rigid frame made from cast iron and steel. 

Model K10B Abrasive Saw

Measuring Systems


Advanced Measuring Systems, also known as AMS, patented a state of the art industrial measuring device called Loc-Stop System. It's unique design replaces all of the old style measuring devices and helps produce greater efficiency, higher productivity, and lower business cost. AMS features the Quick-Loc & Multi-Loc systems, as well as their various parts & accessories.

Scotchman Quick-Loc System

Scotchman Multi-Loc System


The RazorGage product line is based on a modern state-of-the-art automated material positioning system. The upper end of the product line includes optimizing cut-off saw systems with crayon defecting, and can include pocket hole drilling and scribe marking for face frame joinery. The Razor Gauge system can be installed either as a "go to" stop or as a semi-automatic push feed system. It is designed to feed left to right or right to left and is available from various lengths.

Scotchman has partnered with RazorGage to bring you the best measuring systems for your saws.

Razor Gauge System

Accurate Technology ProStop™ Digital Stop & Fence System

ProStop™ is a complete Digital Stop and Fence System for miter saws. It includes an aluminum Fence, a Flip Stop with fine adjust, and double lock down mechanism plus 2 "Quick Sets ".

ProStop™ Digital Stop & Fence System

Linmac Model UE-712SG

Scotchman Model CPO315-AH

Everett 10" Abrasive Cut Off Saw

Kalamazoo Model K12-14ss Abrasive Saw

F.M.B Major Semi-Automatic Band Saw

FEMI Model ABS NG160

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