Sheet Metal Equipment

Brennan Machinery provides your business with a line of products that ensures your satisfaction. Through our suppliers, we offer a wide range of sheet metal equipment to enhance the quality of your work.


Sheet Metal Equipment

Roper Whitney

Roper Whitney operates as one of the leading sheet metal equipment suppliers and has become a household name in sheet metal forming shops. They offer long-lasting & durable products used to bend, fold, form, notch, punch & shear metal designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process. Their lineup includes mechanical shears, various types of bending brakes, notchers, grooving tools as well as accessories and additional features to improve their function. 

Roper Whitney No. 542 45 Degree Hand Notcher


Woodward-Fab is a manufacturer & provider committed to providing the best quality & low-cost metal working equipment to the Canadian and American markets. Woodward-Fab offers a range of equipment including bending & rolling equipment, shearing tools, shrinkers/stretchers & welding supplies. They are committed to providing their strong customer support, customer service and skilled representatives.

Woodward-Fab Box & Pan Bending Brakes


Linmac works with the customer to ensure that they receive the most suitable piece of equipment for their business. They offer a wide range of sheet metal equipment, such as brakes & shearing equipment. Linmac ensures the equipment that you receive is built using the best materials and is long lasting. 

Linmac O-5216 Foot Shear

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Roper Whitney Autobrake

Woodward-Fab WFEW-2 English Wheel

Roper Whitney PA-452 Air Powered Shear

Woodward-Fab Model WFB72 Sheet Metal Bending Brake

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