Woodward-Fab Shrinkers/Stretchers

Brennan Machinery offers a selection of shrinkers/stretchers through Woodward-Fab. Shrinkers/stretchers enable metal to be formed without the use of heating, cutting or welding.

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 


Model WFSSDFFS  Double Foot Operated Shrinker Stretcher

The WFSSDFFS is a shrinker stretcher that provides hands free convenience and optional mountable shrinker stretchers if needed. 


• 51 lbs

• 40" working height

• Works with the WDSS10 or the WFSS101-2

Model WFSS10 Shrinker Stretcher

The WFSS10 shrinker stretcher is Woodward-Fab's best selling model and can work up to 18 gauge mild steel and produce curves as tight as 3" radius.


• 14 lbs

• 18 gauge mild steel capacity

• 16 gauge aluminum capacity

Contact us for more information or for a quote.

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