Dake Single Lever Arbor Presses

Dake's Single Lever Arbor Presses include various features such as a slotted table plate and base opening. The durable and long-lasting models also include an optional pedestal to make this machine a favourite in your shop.

Compare Single Lever Arbor Models

 Model 1Model 0Model YModel 00Model X
Capacity3 tons1-1/2 tons1-1/2 tons1 ton1 ton
Leverage Ratio36:132:132:125:125:1
Ram Size1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 16-1/2"1 x 1 x 12"1 x 1 x 12"1 x 1 x 7-1/2"1 x 1 x 7-1/2"
Maximum Diameter Work14"9"9"7"7"
Largest Arbor2"1"n/a1"n/a
Maximum Ram to Table11-1/2"7-3/4"7-3/4"5"4-1/2"
Minimum Ram to Table10-3/4"7-1/8"n/a4-1/2"n/a
Capacity Over Table11-1/2"7-3/4"n/a5"4-1/2"
Capacity Over Table Plate10-3/4"7-1/8"n/a4-1/4"n/a
Base Length18"15"15"9"9-1/2"
Base Width7-1/4"6"6"4-1/4"4-1/4"
Wight 130 lbs70 lbs60 lbs25 lbs25 lbs

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