TDC/TDF Equipment 

Brennan Machinery's selection of TDC/TDF equipment is produced using the best materials to enable an efficient and highly precise bend to easily create metal duct folds.

Brennan Machinery has a larger inventory of models available. Only a small selection is listed below. Contact us for a product catalogue if interested. 

Lockformer TDC/TDF Equipment

Lockformer Model TDCV

The TDCV is designed to eliminate spot welding & increase the simplicity of the job. It offers an industrial motor, high precision bearings, & a heavy-duty three zone chassis head-plate.


• 12 forming stations

• Produces TDC flanges from 18 to 26 gauge

• Speeds up to 50FPM

Engle TDC/TDF Equipment

Engle Model TDF-V16 Rollformer

The TDF-V16 is constructed using strong unitized steel, come standard with short parts feeder, features optional tooling sets and requires no adjustments for gauge switchment. 


• 16 forming stations

• Produces flanges from 18 to 26 gauge

• Mod4 (6" pitch) gears

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