Dake Utility Hydraulic Presses

Dake's Utility Hydraulic Presses provide excellent operation and efficiency for your business. Features include a heavy steel channel frame and table, adjustable table, efficient two speed hand pump and a single acting polished piston.

Compare Utility Hydraulic Press Models

Capacity20 tons10 tons10 tons
Width between uprights22"16-3/4"16-3/4”
Width between table channels4"3"3"
Minimum ram to table4"4"4"
Maximum ram to table39"16"38"
Screw traveln/an/an/a
Horizontal workhead travelleft/right of centerleft/right of centerleft/right of center
Footprint34" x 26"23” x 18”24" x 28"
Weight283 lbs165 lbs225 lbs
Base34" x 26" 23” x 18”24” x 28”
Ram advance speed3/16" per stroke1/8" per stroke1/8" per stroke
Air Pressuren/an/an/a

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